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for Nigerian Schools

Schooltec is yet another initiative by EasyWare Nigeria to bring the benefits of world class software to the Nigerian business organisations and individual end-users. Schooltec is quick and secure. It assists educational institutions by making their administration easier and provides a platform to research, share and collaborate which makes all the users fully informed about the institution.

The full feature list and benefits of Schooltec can be seen here:

We are providing and schooltec absolutely free for small and medium sized schools and charitable organisations. A small fee would be charged only for those institutions that want additional work, additional services, additional training or on-site installation or installation of the school's own personal servers. Our definition of small and medium schools:
Number of Students: 500
Number of Employees: 50
Any usage above these numbers may incur a small additional cost.

Test the application:
You can see how the application works by using our online demo at: This test screen is used by the general public. We ask that you respect other users by ensuring that you do not enter abusive of inappropriate content in the test application. All test data is deleted weekly. **Please note that if you do not have a fast Internet connetion, the application will appear slow.** When it is installed on your computer or in your premises, it will not require the use of the Internet and will thereby work much faster.

Sign up for free, now:
Any school or institution may begin using Schooltec immediately simply by signing up here:

About EasyWare:
EasyWare is creating world class software to help Nigerian companies compete with the best organisations in the world. We are building powerful, yet easy-to-use and affordable business and consumer software targeted at Nigerian organisation. Our software systems help to cut the cost and increase productivity of companies operating in Nigeria.

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EasyWare deals with a wide range of software products including Ecommerce, Interactive TV, Web-services, bespoke products and general consultancy. In summary, we create simply software solutions for complex business problems. If you have any software requirements whatsoever, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.